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What are Attributes of Good Software Products?

by Waqar
What are Attributes of Good Software Products?

Software technology is a very advanced technology today that analyzes and designs the need of the users. Then building and testing are described as the process of analyzing software applications. The present age is the age of modern technology, due to which software technology is also critical.


Fritz Bauer described it according to the principles of standard engineering. It helps you get it, software that is economically and works in a better way on real machines.

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Attributes of Software

Today, We know that software is being use in many fields .The function and features of the software are different from the hardware. When we talk about good and quality software, we have to speak the software as it’s tested in its environment where software is used. Three factors must be taken into account for quality software products.

Operational Characteristics of a good quality software product

The operational features of excellent and standard software are based on functionality, and the following are the different operation features of a good and standard software product.


All software products are make to be complete to meet customer specification.


 Software products should be easy so that users can easily understand. How to use software products to learn and understand operational behavior.


 The excellent and standard software is that it should have side effects and free product. For example, just as there are side effects in medicine, there are also side effects in software. So for good software, it should have no effect.


Effectiveness of quality software performance effectively utilizes the resources available from software products. For example, the developed software should make effective use of available memory.


Security factors should be include in good software products to maintain statistics safe from external threats.

Revision Characteristics of a good quality software product

Expert required to review a standard software product based on engineering factors related to the interior quality of software. The software review features are as follows.


Maintenance should be easy for any end-user after providing software products to the end-user.


Software should be build according to the ease of users and change according to the need of users.


Software products should be easy to upgrade for more users to do more work.


Software testing should be easy.


 Software comprises different programs and modules independent of each other. If the software is dividing into different sections, it can be tested separately and it has good quality of modularity.

Transition Characteristics of a good quality software product

Features a suitable data transfer software based on data related to the end-user environment and platform of the software.

Interoperability is allowing information can be used transparently, and information are exchanged.


If we can modify the software code and use it for various purposes, then we call to reuse the software.


This means how the software adapts to its environment and the platform with its needs. Its sub-elements include adaptability and replacement ability.

What was the Software Crisis?

Many software projects failed in the 1960s. Output was an unreliable software that was very expensive to operate and maintain. Many software services could not meet the growing needs of the users. As the hardware capabilities increased, so did the complexity of the software projects.

The Solution

The unorganized coding efforts were changing to improve the software sector. Improvement in coding systems has led to significant advances in software technology. The late 1970s make extensive use of the principles of software engineering. 

This was following later by the development and improvement of software engineering and the use of good software.

In this modern age of technology, software engineering is essential in every world sector. Software engineering is becoming more and more popular, and here are some of the reasons.


 The software development process is based on science and modern engineering concepts; it is not difficult nowadays to create new and current software.


 The hardware industry has shown with his expertise that the cost of computer and electronic hardware is low.

Dynamic Nature: 

Always adapting to the growing need for software depends on the environment in which the user works.

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