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7 Inflation-Busting Tips To Know About Smartphone Prices

by Waqar
Smartphones Prices

Isn’t it impossible to get a high-quality mobile phone in this inflation-hit era? Indeed, it is. The world is experiencing a severe economic disaster in all fields. Due to this, mobile phone manufacturing is seriously affected, resulting in price hikes. But how can we overcome this? What should be our practices to pass through the inflation period? Do you want to know? Stay with me.

Mobile phones are meant to make our lives easier with thousands of benefits like messaging, calling, emailing, photography, browsing, etc. One cannot think of a day without using a mobile phone. But, their prices have questioned many to shun their dreams of having incredible mobile phones.

Smartphone prices in Pakistan are on the constant rise. The latest iPhone 14 pro max costs 485000rs, and the latest hi-tech android mobile phones are  not less than two lacks. Therefore, it is crucial to take steps wisely to buy these phones.

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To provide you with ease and proper guidance, I have come forth with seven inflation-busting tips to help your dreams come true.

Why Phones Price Rise In The First Place?

Nowadays, mobile phones are not only used for calling and messaging purposes but also, these phones are mini-computers with futuristic properties. And to maintain and upgrade these properties takes money and time. Therefore, we experience a rise in prices.

However, here are the main reasons.

Phones Are Getting More Features

Modern times require modern features. Therefore, coming phones are installed with modern features that need new components and updated software. Therefore, phone rates keep rising.

The Cost of Components is Rising

Recently, in 2020, we experienced a chip shortage. In the future, we might need more lithium quantity to make more new chips. Also, modern phones are replete with sensors, cameras, and high-quality displays, all contributing to the price rise.

Costly Process

Mobile phones need extra care. Their chips, designing, software innovation, engineering, etc., are costly. From manufacturing machines to engineers to advertisers, everyone demands a full-fledged price. Therefore, mobile phones price is rising.

These were the major setbacks that caused price hikes rapidly. But we are here to learn the tips to overcome all this.

Let us cut to the chase and learn the inflation-busting tips.

7 Inflation-Busting Tips

 Know Your Needs

The most important thing is to know your needs. We all use mobile phones for primary purposes, i.e., to call, use the internet, social media browsing, message, and email. It doesn’t need an expensive mobile phone to do so. Therefore, knowing your needs will save you in the inflation victim era.

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Invest One Time

Most people in these times go for instalments. But it is not beneficial as it seems. Most instalment providers charge 10% to 20% above the actual price. So, why pay more? So, wait for your moment and invest one time to pass through this inflation era.

Wait For Deals

Acting at the right time is always impactful. Many mobile brands offer high discounts on flagship mobiles with complimentary pods, power banks, and earphones. Therefore, you should wait for deals and discounts to buy your desired mobile phone.

Savyour offers a pretty deal on mobile phones with free discounts and cashback if you want to know one value. So, don’t wait and complete yourself with a flagship mobile at a minimal cost.

Use Refurbished Mobile Phones

People look down on repaired mobiles. No matter how incredible these perform. But these times are not to think of it. The prices have touched the sky. So, we have to compromise.

Most of the time, refurbished mobile phones run as smoothly as new mobiles. And the price difference is a lot more than expected. At least refurbished mobile phones save 50% of the original price.

Look For Patched Mobile Phones

The official PTA tax is almost the same as the price of the flagship mobile. It is vast to pay. So, in Pakistan there, a new trend is growing, which is a patch. The flagship mobiles IMEI is changed with old mobiles, which are PTA approved. Thereby, you save 40% to 60% of the original price.

Look Out Of The Box

The number of mobile phones provider is high, but we focus on only one to three mobile providers, be it Apple, Samsung, etc. Most of the time, we focus on just one to two options. It decreases the number of options. So, always look out of the box while purchasing a mobile phone in these inflation-driven times.

Other mobile providers offer the same features mobile at a much lower price. However, if you want to buy a mobile of a particular brand, you can avail of Savyour’s opportunity and get incredible discounts.

Fix Prices Before the Launch

Many mobile brands offer a pretty discount before the launch of their mobiles.

The values vary from a 10% to a 15% decrease in price with other supplementary benefits like pods, data offers, etc. So, it would be best to try fixing the price before the launch. It will save you thousands of rupees.

Final Verdict

Inflation has hit a record high in Pakistan. Significantly mobile phone prices are heightened high as the skies, bounding people not to upgrade or buy new mobiles. So, I hope the abovementioned seven inflation-busting tips have helped you overcome these times.

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