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Scary Coloring Pages & Scarecrow Coloring Pages: All You Need for the Halloween Season

by Waqar
Scary Coloring Pages

Scary things in general and scarecrows, in particular, are always feared by many people. So why do we still like to watch horror movies and like to decorate the scarecrow for Halloween? Let’s find out with illustrations from Scary Coloring Pages & Scarecrow Coloring Pages!

Scary Coloring Pages – Why Do We Like to be Scared?

Our Hormones

When we are terrified, the body releases a variety of hormones that, in a number of ideal situations, might help us feel good.

Numerous neurotransmitters and hormones are created by the body when it experiences fear, and the sympathetic nervous system of the body activates these chemicals, causing positive sensations.

Dopamine has been identified to be one of the key chemicals generated when the body is exposed to things that create dread or fear.

The fact that dopamine makes a person feel more anxious and terrified than other individuals explains why so many people enjoy activities that cause anxiety. The secretion and reabsorption of dopamine in the brain are connected.

Brain functioning

Our body is a well-tuned mechanism that is prepared to fight or run away from genuine danger. Therefore, a heightened level of arousal, such as when we are pleased, laughing, delighted, or shocked, is created if we are in a setting where we know we are safe, such as a haunted home, a terrifying movie, etc.

When playing games that evoke a sense of terror, but in reality, our brain understands it is safe, it will produce pleasant sensations rather than excessive worry or panic since our frontal lobes manage our mental activity.

Personality also plays a part in making someone’s emotional difference

Scientists say people are born with different personalities and temperaments, According to scientists, each individual is born with a unique personality and temperament, which influences how they perceive terror.

Our personalities can alter as a result of some life circumstances, though. According to the study, thrill-seekers frequently exhibit traits including conscientiousness, openness to new experiences, extroversion, and empathy.

Thrill liking can be contagious

Additionally, as our emotions are always changing, enjoying thrills may spread easily. Fear frequently brings us closer together and fosters healthy interpersonal interactions.

For instance, if a group of friends participates in a spooky activity together, such as visiting a haunted home, we will be closer and develop stronger bonds with one another.

There are many people who like experiencing dread, and it is perfectly acceptable for fear to spice up each of our lives. Simply liking a book or a piece of music is not a symptom of a mental illness. So you shouldn’t worry too much, but if you notice any additional psychological issues, speak with a doctor for guidance.

If you also love scary characters, these printable Scary Coloring Pages are perfect for you this Halloween season.

Scarecrow Coloring Pages for Halloween

The History of Scarecrow

Scarecrow Coloring Sheets for Halloween

The practice of using scarecrows predates Dorothy’s journey to the Land of Oz. Actually, the Egyptians were the ones who originally described a scarecrow thousands of years ago.

The scarecrows of the past were very different from those of now. For instance, to scare birds and assure gathering around 2500 BC, the Greeks created scarecrows that resembled the Priapus (sons of the deity Dionysus and the goddess Aphrodite). To make their puppets appear scary, the Japanese cover them in jackets and caps and adorn them with bows and arrows.

Today’s farmers use technology and insecticides rather than basic scarecrows to keep pests out of their crops. In any case, the scarecrow continues to be a representation of the harvest and has a humorous role in autumn and Halloween decorations.

Today, scarecrows are no longer as scary as people think, but also a decoration for Halloween. Download now theseprintable Scarecrow Coloring Pages for Halloween.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Make a Scarecrow for Halloween

What You Need

  • Blankets or sacks
  • Permanent marking or painting
  • Used clothing (such as overalls, plaid tops, gloves, shoes, socks, bandanas, and hats)
  • Two wooden pillars (like a broom or rake)
  • Hammer with nail or screwdriver
  • Elastic mallet
  • Winding \sPin
  • Filler material (such as straws, leaves, rags, plastic bags, or old nylon rope)

How to Make

  • One of the wooden supports should fit through the shirt’s sleeve openings.
  • With two wooden supports, create a cross, and fasten the two parts with a hammer and nail or a screwdriver (your choice). Hold the support parts at a 90-degree angle at all times.
  • Drive the stake into the ground with the opening of the scarecrow’s shirt pointed in the direction you want the scarecrow to face.
  • Use twine to tie the shirt’s waistline.
  • All save the top three or four buttons on the shirt should be fastened.
  • Use thread to tie the sleeves. If desired, add gloves and secure them with string.
  • Put whatever you wish inside the shirt’s breast pocket. Stuff the shirt with enough material to give it a firm form.
  • Stuff the legs and torso of the jumpsuit with stuffing after fastening the bottoms of each leg.
  • The scarecrow shirt’s shoulders are looped over the overalls’ shoulders, and the buckle is then fastened. If required, add extra items to the inside of the overalls.
  • If desired, place the entire foot into a shoe.
  • Put the head of the scarecrow into a sack or pillowcase to form it.
  • The bags should be gathered and placed into the body support’s top. Adjust the filling to the head’s form after tying the neck tightly.
  • Over the scarecrow’s head, trace (or draw) a face-like form. Choose the conventional round eyes and stitched lips design or the iconic Rag Ragy Ann Ann triangular form.
  • The scarecrow should wear a hat. With safety latches, fasten it to the sack.


Halloween is an opportunity for us to decorate our homes with scary things without being questioned. Besides Halloween costume parties, Scary coloring sheets & Scarecrow coloring sheets at Coloringcool.com are also always popular, download them now for this year’s Halloween season!

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