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Osmose Technology. Complete Details About Osmose Technology

by Waqar
Osmose Technology

Today we talk about an excellent company famous for online earning and is known as Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd. When we talk about this technology, many questions come to mind, what is this technology, who owns it and whether it is accurate.

 The company was established in 2019 and is based in India. An online earning method is mentioned in this company, and E-commerce and Database are mentioned. The company has its website https://www.osmosetech.com/. If you want to explore everyday life, such as health, electrical, electronics, and other everyday items, then visit the Osmose Technology e-commerce portal.

Details About Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd

Creators of Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd are Shubhangi Vaibhav Pataskar and Prashant

The full name of this Company is Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd.

It was made In India In 2019.

This is an E-commerce and online earning platform, and the website link of this site is https://osmosetech.com/

Here email address is as follows shopping@osmosetech.com

Business Model of Osmose Technology

Osmose Technology is a vast marketing company that works on Pyramid schemes. When a person joins this company, he is asked to add two more people, and then they are invited to join two more people. It forms a pyramid-like structure. The person who enters it to earn money then, later on, brings new member he earns a commission. In this way, new members are added, it becomes a chain, and commission is receive.

When more and more people join the company, people get a commission; people also benefit, and the company benefits. When a new person joins the company, he has to pay around 1200.

A new member earns money in these ways after joining the company.

Daily Earning

Money can be made daily by working on a social media app, pickflick. On this, you have to use this app daily, and you are given three coupons for 400 rupees. You can use these coupons to make purchases on the online shopping website. According to the rules of this company, your income will be four months as it gives you four-month membership, then there will be a new procedure repeat.

Earning by Commission

According to the rules and regulations of this company, if a new member joins this company because of you, you will get a commission. If you add a member, then the new member will add another then. This is how the commission is receive.

OSMOSE Technology Fake or Real

It’s an honest company, but there is a lot of review about it on Social media and the Internet. Many people say that this is an illegal company. This company is not list directly in the list of legally selling companies. There is no mobile no on their official website. There are many illegal companies in the market that run away with people’s money.

How do Login/Register at Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd

The procedure for Login in Osmose Company is as follows.

Create your account, then Sign up and log in.

When creating an account, you will need your full name, phone no, address and email id, etc.

You will have to pay an initial registration fee of 1200 rupees.

Visit the company’s website to log in to your account.

After opening the Login portal, enter your credentials and then click submit button.

Your account is complete.

Advantages of Osmose Technology Pvt ltd

It is straightforward to shop online from home.

Earn money online digitally from the comfort of your own home.

Earn commission by adding new members.

Items of everyday life can be purchase easily online.

Disadvantages of OSMOSE Technology Pvt ltd

You have to pay a fee of 1200 rupees to become a member.

Once you become a member, you are not guaranteed to make money.

They do not have a contact number.

This company is not legally register in the list of selling companies.

There have also been some complaints on the website from people who bought their products.


Osmose Technology is an online shopping E-commerce company. It is a large-scale company operating on a Pyramid scheme. Many people have a negative attitude towards this company. So, if you have to purchase from this company or invest money in it, you should do a thorough investigation.

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