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Huaraches Food, Ingredients, Recipe and How to eat Huaraches Food

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Huarache Mexican is a famous food dish that has become famous among people since the 1930s. When Mexican foods are mentioned, the idea of Huarache food immediately comes to mind. It contains masa dough, and beans are placed in it and are completed fried. Water came into the mouth when someone heard the name of this special dish. Crushed beans make this food taste better and better. In addition to this food, the topping potato onions and other protein items make it more attractive. 

History of Huarache Food

This special type of food was discovered in Mexico in the 1930s. In this regard, a person’s name is quite prominent, Mrs. Carmen Gomez Medina. He had cooked a part of the special dish that was oval-shaped that was made of masa dosa. This food is called Huarache because the form of this food is oval. Due to this meal’s good test and taste, it gradually spread to various areas other than Mexico. It is also preferred in various other areas of the world besides Mexico. This meal is name in the language of Mexico, so it easier to speak. They are out of this area. It is a bit difficult for them to speak it. 

Huarache Food Ingredients

Half a cup of Corn flour

¼ cup of flour

1 spoon of salt

Warm water, about 2 cup

¼ cup of crumbly cheese

2 to 3 spoons of lard

Meat is your choice

Green Salsa

4-5 tomato

1 Small onion

1 Spoon of Baking powder

1 Spoon of Vegetable oil

½ cup of chopped cabbage

Make a Dough of Huarache Food

Take flour, baking powder, salt and broth as required and mix them in a bowl. You can add chicken and beef according to your preferences and test. Stir all the ingredients well and mix so the dough does not accumulate. After mixing all these ingredients well, separate the dough into four parts. Stack each piece with wax paper if you want to store or freeze it. It can used in the morning for breakfast and for lunch. 

Recipe of Huarache Food 

Take a big frying pan, put oil in it as required and heat it slightly. After some time, it will become so hot that food can cooked inside it. Cook the masa dough for a while.

 Turn it upside down when it turns a little brown from the bottom and reheat. However, even after turning the side, cook for a while. 

Use a spatula to reverse its side. Slowly turn it over after a while until it is completely clean and fried. When it is light brown on both sides, it is ready to eat. Could you put it on a plate and serve it?

Topping the Huaraches Food

After lightly moisturizing the beans, spread a light layer on top of them. After placing the beans on top, cut the meat and vegetables and apply lightly on top. You can also add pepper and protein, and salt of your choice.

Applying a bit of red pepper and cabbage on top will save their layer and give a good test. A small amount of potato and onions should used. Then put a small amount of cheese and cream on top to increase the test. After taking it on different things, this food looks charming and beautiful. 

Good food that many people like, mostly People use it for breakfast and lunch. A small amount of vegetables and meat is use inside, so this food is easy to eat and good for health. 

How to eat Huaraches

It is a light food that includes meat, vegetables, onions and tomatoes. These things are not harmful to health. Hands can be use to eat them, and Fork and knife can also be use. If you want to eat them with the help of his hands, cut a part of it and then eat it. The cut part can eaten while walking. This is a light food that can used with breakfast. You can eat it as you like according to your preferences and taste. 

Huaraches Food Calories

There are about 300 calories found in 1 Huarache. It also contains fat which is due to oil and cheese. It contains about 12 grams of fat. These food contain about 7 to 8 grams of protein. If you use it daily, you need exercise. Walking for about half an hour can help you get rid of fat. 

Huaraches Food Restaurant

 Here are some of the restaurants where this Huaraches food is available. Huaraches Mexican Restaurant is a good restaurant where it is served. The hotel makes food special and is located in Chicago.

After that, Los Huaraches are consider to be the best for these foods. This restaurant is located in the United States and has a standard due to its good service and taste. 

The restaurant named El Huarache Mexican Food is famous for its different Mexican dishes. It is located in San Bernardino, United States.

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