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How to Shrink a Shirt and Clothes?

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How to Shrink a Shirt?

It can be frustrating when you have a shirt that you enjoy but can’t wear because it’s too big on you. In this situation, you can’t wear the shirt since it’s too big. On the other hand, there are several methods for reducing the size of a shirt while maintaining its usability. You can wash the shirt in hot water, dry it in the dryer, spray the shirt with water, and then dry it in the dryer. Here, we will describe some methods for How to Shrink a Shirt?

Tips to Use before Shrink Clothes                                              

You can’t just put them in the washing machine with hot water or dry them in a hot drier. Before beginning the shrinking process, check the garment labels to determine the types of textiles used. Natural fibres, cotton, wool, and silk are more prone to shrinkage than synthetic, artificial fibres. Look out for pre-shrunk fabrics, too, as they will recover their average size and shape after a standard wash.

You may be anxious to shrink your clothes, but remember that this process takes time and may not be what you want! Garments and materials can shrink too quickly if you aren’t attentive; take your time and monitor the process to ensure an even shrinkage. When using a high-heat dryer, it is essential to check on the garments every five minutes to ensure they are drying properly.

How to Shrink a Shirt

How to Shrink a Shirt in Hot Water

Wash it in hot water to make the clothing smaller for a few minutes. A shirt, water, and a pot are all you need to shrink a sweater. When the water in the dish comes to a boil, remove the garment from the heat. Be cautious not to burn your flesh on the boiling liquid; the fabric should heat up. After five minutes, remove the lid and allow the heat to escape. Repetitively wring and dry the material until it is the right size for you.

How to Shrink a Shirt in Washing Machine

To shrink clothes to the desired size, a washing machine is just as efficient as a pot of boiling water. Place the shirt inside and turn the heat up to maximum. You can get the same result from the hot water as you would from cooking it, but you won’t have to stand over a pot the whole time. You can wash it with like colours and stuff that won’t spill.

How to Shrink a Shirt in a Dryer

Dryers can make even loose clothing fit like a glove. The shirt should be washed in hot water, preferably in a washing machine, and then dried in a dryer. The necessary impact will only occur if you turn it to a high heat level. Use a low heat setting to dry fragile items gently. You are getting your clothes smaller has never been simpler.

How to Shrink a Shirt by Boiling Water

When it comes to severe temperature changes, boiling water is the most effective for shrinking clothing. With this technique, you should expect a size reduction of one to three inches in cotton clothing and possibly even more in polyester.

This method is best used on process moves cotton that has already been shrunk, on polyester, or on a shirt that you want to toss, regardless of whether or not it can be shrunk.

  • For this strategy to work, you’ll need a lot of water and several small containers to fit inside your shirt. Bring several litres of water to a boil in a heavy-bottomed pot. Furthermore, it would help if you got out a big bucket or stopped up your kitchen sink.
  • Place the large bowl or sink under the boiling water. Put the shirt into the boiling water without delay, using a long spoon to protect your hands.
  • Wait until the water is cold to the touch before removing the shirt. This may take an hour or two.
  • It’s best to press out as much water as possible without drying or stretching the shirt after removing it from the water.
  • The next step, using a washing machine, depends on how much you want to shrink the item.

Different ways to Shrink Different Types of Fabrics

Since the fibres in different fabrics have distinct molecular and chemical structures, the amount they shrink varies. Contrastingly, cotton fibres won’t experience the same amount of shrinkage or expansion as wool or polyester.


The flexible, natural fibres in linen mean that it shrinks quickly. Clothes made of linen or silk can be shrunk by washing them in warm water for a few hours and then drying them in a low oven. These types of fabric are easily broken by too high of temperatures.

 Steaming it to remove wrinkles is not recommended because it may result in further stretching. Instead, please wait until the linens have entirely cooled before ironing them on a low setting.


Wool has the issue of quickly shrinking more than desired. Wool items are famous for shrinking in the washer and giving rise to Barbie-sized apparel horror stories. To avoid this, take preventative steps gradually while washing wool items.

Check on the wool item at pre-determined intervals and give it a quick shake if necessary. Reduce the temperature of your clothes dryer and iron, too.


Nylon is another synthetic fabric that does not shrink much, if at all. For further information about the content of your nylon clothing, including whether or not it contains any other fibres (such as cotton), please refer to the care label. If you want to make the item fit more tightly, you can undoubtedly shrink it in the dryer.

Best Way to Shrink a Shirt

Putting a shirt in the dryer on the hot water setting and then running it through a complete drying cycle is the most effective method of shrinking it due to heat. This method is safe for most garments and will result in a size reduction of around one full size for many shirts due to heat, moisture, and friction effects during the typical laundering process.

 However, some fabrics should only be handled by experts. Regular washings of polyester clothing do not cause noticeable shrinkage.

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