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How do I look in Different Nationalities App? Know all Latest Trends

by Waqar

Table of Content

1. What is the Nationality Challenge?

2. How to Do the Nationality Challenge?

3. How to do nationality challenge on Instagram?

4. Data Face Play collects

5. Conclusion

What is the Nationality Challenge?

How to Do the Nationality Challenge?

If you want how I look in Different Nationalities App then follow these steps.

1. Open the Google play store or App store from your mobile and download the Face play application

2. After opening it, you will find different templates of different nationalities. Choose the template and choose the culture you want.

3. After selecting the template, you have to choose your image and add your Face.

4. Get started. You have come to see an ad for access.

5. Then the app will process your video. Save it after it’s fully processed.

6. That way, by following all these steps, you can look like any nationality. If you follow all these steps, you will not have any problems. After completing videos, compile these videos by using a video editor like Cap cut or Inshot. It depends on how good you are at video editing. Once the whole video is ready, you can share it on social media platforms like Instagram or Tiktok.

Nationality challenge on Instagram?

As described earlier, the Face play application is required for the digital preparation of consumers. This application can downloaded from Android and IOS app. After downloading the app, users get the template. After selecting the video, template users need to tap on and select a photo and add the Face. This is the image that the application will use to create the user’s video in the dress of the chosen template. Once everything is set, tap start and watch the ad to get a video for free. Nonpaying customers have to see an ad all the time.

Then started the video processing process. The application will create a video of the user in the dress it has selected. However, using the Face play app, users will make one video at a time.

Data Face Play collects.

When it comes to facial statistics, it is clear that no data is collected. And after analyzing it, it has been deleted. Login is required to use the Face play app, and you can only do this through a third-party service like Google or Facebook. For more details, you may need to log in with your email, address, account no and phone number, etc.


Changing faces is not great art. It was searched for a long time and then became popular through mobile applications. The Face play application has recently received 10 million downloads and over 97000 reviews. In the beginning, you will see preview templates and it will be difficult for you to choose one of them. After selecting your template, you can apply the template to your video selfie with a single click. Then you can upload it on Tiktok or Instagram. We have mentioned this in detail above “How do I look in Different Nationalities App”

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